Why strive to be something that is unimportant?

Something that can only have potential for misfortune.

Still, people count their flaws and cut themselves down to portions.

Later, rationed out to the public for an opinion on their image.

Constantly looking for a gambling feel for scrimage.

What is it that makes one "dope," "rad," or "sick?"

...Sick. Exactly that; That is what we all are. 

Catching contagious trends like the flu because it is always changing.

wardrobes never stop rearranging.

We're all just a bunch of hungry strangelings.

Sometimes it isn't even what we wear or appear.

sometimes it's just words of approval that we want to hear.

Maybe classmates saying you're smart because you got the highest

grade or for your peers to see you as a player because you frequently 

get laid.

Careful though, sometimes it is your actions that will get you played.

Eventually someone is going to rain on your parade.

They won't care what you wear, did or said.

That is the mentality that you're going to want to gain from them.

Maybe cool is not being anything at all.

It could be just being yourself, not feeling like to you need to dress

like everyone else or look like you possess the most wealth.

Cool is not wanting to follow a fashion at all and simply walking tall.

Let the rest fall. 

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Our world


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