A Demand to Time

Chivelry is not dead, it has only spread to the men

Inocence, instead, has met it's inevitable end

For once there was a question weather to hold her hand

Now there is a pill that dicides if IT will "Stand"

Where has the Romance fled?

Why doesn't it leave the boarders of a bed

Where is the rose that smells so sweet

And where, the dreams I dare not speak

For gone and gone and gone agin

Have the treasures, the moments, gone off to firend

Time bring them back and back to me

Let those moments set me free

Free from the chackles of my purity

For I do not wait for a ring of stone and metal

Not the white dress, nore a flower's pettal

I wait for paitience and love and feeling

For the moments and treasures that keep me dreaming

And when i dream dare you not bring me here

To this cruel and heartless atmosphere

So I beg of you, time, take me back

Or bring that one to me for the men here lack




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