The Heart and Mind

A child I was in a distant, unknown land

For I lacked something big, something grand

Yet I did not know where to look

Therefore my heart fell forsook

Then like a stream of light, it came down

Transforming my lips into a smile from a frown

With aw I looked yet could not digest

For my ignorance hounded me like a pest

Then the majestic figure spoke with words like thunder

The sound of his voice rent my soul asunder

"Look no further lest you die

For you are unable to behold me with your eye

I am poetry in the physical manifestation

And I come to the sick, providing rest and relaxation

You’re ill from ignorance, a most dreadful thing

If I do not act you shall continue in your suffering

Now, do not look upon me with the mind alone

For in doing so, you become a body composed of bone

Just as a body cannot move without muscle

So is your mind amidst all the hustle

With only your mind you will make no progress

Infact your knowledge will continually be less and less

Your thoughts hound you, yet you cannot comprehend

So look with you heart in order to mend

For poetry is composed of emotion and fact

Therefore heart and mind is needed for the whole of poetry to stay intact”

I executed his words with the utmost care

And as I began I saw something there

A man clothed in in garments of white

And the ground where he stood shown like light

I began to see mountains full of life

The more I saw, the less my strife

The world around me was just a piece of poetry

Only meant for those who have eyes to see

The mind, used to understand this world’s facts

The heart, used to comprehend the motives behind everyone’s acts


This poem is about: 
Our world


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