A Poem About Poetry

Does structured poetry convey the same emotional movement as slam poetry?

Who am I to say,

That a three lined haiku

Doesn’t move one’s heart

But you would have to be made of magic to be able to describe:

A beautiful masterpiece created by God -

A newborn baby girl

Sleeping peacefully in a tiny pink blanket

A cheeky-no-teeth smile on her face

Tiny little fingers curled in a loose fist

And tiny toes in little pink socks with a loving yellow bow on the seam

With the wonderful scent of love bursting in the air

A moment of happiness that will last a lifetime


Structured poems that may rhyme

Could make for a fun time

But by the end of the line

It’s time to call it quits

Because the only thing that rhymes with breath,

Is death,

And it’s hard to keep a fun rhyme when someone stops breathing

And everyone else starts grieving.


Sadness is easier to convey when an emotionally convincing voice tugs on the heartstrings

Of the weeping ears who chose to listen.

Terminal cancers murdering innocent mothers,

Leaving an orphaned teenaged daughter to choose between abuse or homelessness,

This can’t be read between the lines and analyzed

With an open ended meaning.

And that’s what structured poems are.

There’s more details that are open to interpretation,

Like an inkblot in a therapist's office-

“What do you see here?”

I see how the crescent moon falls into the light of your loving mother’s eyes,

Reflecting the dark gray shade of the quiet lake at night,

As the water shimmers by the campfire.

A tragic death of beauty that can only be spoken for.


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