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I was alone in the silence, As planets spun around me. I'm alseep. I was alone in the violence, As bullets fly around me. I'm asleep. I was alone in the quiet. Thoughts feel heavy.
People yearn for attention, pictures, videos, A contagion of media, However, I wish to recede into mystery, A shadow in the background. A well-dressed silent martyr of who no one knows the sound of their voice,
There are dreams within dream within dreams, so it seems. I learned this last night in bed. Layers of dreams  upon layers of dreams, all fitting inside my head.  Once, I thought I woke up, but I was back in anther one. Dreams within dreams: it's b
There is a simple kind of pain in not falling asleep like a headache in the soul
I died to sleep Perchance to dream To escape this old world With its horrors yet untold.   But, alas, I stirred For a frightful air Disturbed my slumber Causing me great despair.  
It’s that single moment where everythinggoes numbgoes blankgoes vapidgoes cold
If a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, I'm intellectually encouraged to paint a portrait on each line of each verse.
Five A.M. And the world Is fast asleep My alarm clock Blares And wakes me up While yours Prepares To go off In an hour My tea pot Shudders
Dawn has never been my muse Though my spring to her may disagree A slumber sweet and succulent Brings unwanted tendencies   To wake I must for day has come A friend or foe she be
When the sky begins to fall, be ready to catch the stars. For the beauty of it all, will lie within your heart. An ever expanding reality created from the dark, bursting out of imagination as light you must embark.
I should be sleeping, Smiling at sweet and happy dreams, But instead I lay here in bed, Anxiously awaiting day break. I fear closing my eyes, And wandering into my head
In this state of my existing poetry means to me An endless free-flowing form of energy. An idea, an emotion expressed in waves Of vocalizations from my brain. The ability to convey What some can't see
I walk through my life Seeing myself from an outside view I see the people Sleep walking with everything to lose I scream and I yell Trying to wake even just one of them But they continue
How can you expect her to sleep when the wolves outnumber the sheep?   How can you expect her to close her eyes when it always allows her demise?   In this world it's dangerous to even blink
You know the nights where your eyelids droop-- but you don't fall asleep, no, (you could only wish), instead you're just numb.
LYKALA Sissel South  
Seeing the sunrise peak from behind the city skyline The mirror image in the soft waves below Feeling the the sun's warmth brush against the back of my neck During a beautiful winter day
Connect the r
When I look in the mirror, I see what I see, my desires have driven me to blind true reality. How can I tell if my soul has progressed?
They say you only dream In black and white. If that's the case I've never seen Such vivid blacks and stunning whites As run through my mind at night.   Longing, peril, mystery; 
So I say goodbye to the daylight, To the sun I bid adieu,
I didn’t want the morning to come, The sun to invade my windows and brighten my room,
A strong grip on my spear of light,
Lying awake while nosie in the background fills the space in my mind, putting off the feelings I've felt on the surface to bring the dark ones to light I'm scaring myself tonight  
Psychologically exhausted yet physically wired by an inner voice louder than the need of sleep itself.
It always amazes me how beautifully she snores once she’s talking to me. No matter how badly her and I both haven't been able to sleep.
Your eyes shift overhead as the clouds melt away,
Struggling to be free.  What is freedom? 
Wealthy and powerful take all that we've worked for Truth is distorted, with illusions and folklore Much exploitation for money and profit You will be punished if you try to stop it
(For all of the veterans we have forgotten on the home front.)  
im fighting hard to stay awake but all i can think about is the warmth underneeth these sheets lying hearts width apart  
My mother stares at me as I finish the last of my dinner I see her incredulity at the idea of being full She has taught me from a very young age Young ladies are meant to grow in, not out.
Up early in the morning to the smell of coffee Hearing the alarm go off makes me salty Stumbling over couldn't finish my dream awaken to a world that isn't what it seems rushin movements to make it on time
  Bright yellow first Daffodils on the longest summer day In the perfect sunny afternoon Lemons bought from the local grocer
I am a character in a story of my own I’ve at long length known what I was written to say That I am the villain, I’ve always known   For so long I’ve obediently done what was shown
What far too many people fail to realize The addiction of wealth is just as serious as cocaine or gluttony, just more civilized Wall Street watches constantly, imperious They snatch away vulnerable loved ones
With home life, parents, limitations                             A boy was left unsatisfied He was sent away to boarding school                              Upon his desire being unclassified
I see smoke linger Feigning fog, clenching my lungs A dark fever burns
We've been told from a young age How beauty is and ought be defined From a young age I have felt resigned Feelings of innadaquacy I could not assuage Actors, makeup, body type, it's all staged
Don't linger in your reverie so long Inside you hear that familiar voice Only keeping yourself holding on To the idea that you don't have a choice In what you're worth, what you offer
A wilted building Vines consume the broken beams Bound to take it back
I don't usually rant I'm so sick of how It breaks my heart to think I see this all the time I don't like to rant The social injustice For how there's something Wrong with the world
Tonight Getting back from our evening out laying on his motel bed I spoke, he spoke We lay and talk for hours. A feeling of supreme ease circulated we intersected at the leg I, perpendicular,
Intrigued by your mystery,  captivated by your suspense, but you're Forbidden. Like eve nothing can stop this desire, you radiate Temptation.
Glancing out the dusty window, I see the mist slowly fall, I look into the mirror hanging on my wall, I inspect myself thoroughly finding things to blame, I pick and prod and tear apart my body’s external frame,
You’ve Got Mail I remember the movie well; Full of incomparable romance, Soul-mates of a sort Long since found
We hear and then we know. You hear of Current events Scandal Love Murder All of these things and then we show Our reactions Our deprevation Our desperation Conformity.
Pain will one day be Useful, a tool of wisdom Simply remain strong 
I do not know how long it has been Since I felt a pain so great as this It wells up, down deep inside of me Spits fire my unsated soul can’t resist.   I burn and I flail under this new burden
Darkness cascades over a cliche moment of loneliness. Circulation fails and my hands go numb, as I stare at a bright screen watching the rest of the world go by  at 2 past witching hour.
I breathe for you. My blood approves Earthen, my desire. My soul ignites When we breach night You touch me,  I'm on fire.
Wall street has nothing on me I've ruined lives and murdered love The bad rep that surface people see, I worry that's what I've become. I am not alone in this pursuit These terrible people toy with our lives
God has given me a daylight dream With the gentlest of shoves, he pushes me I can’t breathe I pick up my pen, Write my soul With his inspiration, Heart of gold Don’t leave me alone.  
Stand, sit, walk, move I see you I'm renewed I'm holding on until My craving is fulfilled. You are unknown Unlimited yet full grown. Though I do not show it- In loving you I'm stoic
The thing about teachers; They don't mind that you don't know  They don't mind that you don't understand Piping facts into your head-  It's what they were hired for. You are merely a pawn
Every day I turn myself around, Try on someone new, It scares me to think That this is who I am Unique flaws and fears, I know that I am few. A rare case, they say, A different sort of person
And as the universe drifts off to sleep light is cast upon the back of her eyelids. Sand-sculpted images of Compassion are illuminated as slumber pries at the edges of reality and all sinks down into Dreamland.
The darkness around can't get any darker   and the sound of my thoughts can't get any louder  
I woke up today Then woke up Then woke up and saw a light so bright it blinded A light So bright it burned So bright it melted my eyes a little So that their essence pooled and fell
The idea of being awake... Truly and spiritually awakened from the earthly slumber life puts us in. The dim and dreary box that society puts us in. While in reality we can change the world if only we could awaken.
Awake, alive, running to have a chase; Dim forest peels back branches binding light Allowing shadows lurch across my face As the feet reach to more ground for my flight
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