Looking For Alaska

With home life, parents, limitations

                            A boy was left unsatisfied

He was sent away to boarding school

                             Upon his desire being unclassified

He packed his bags, left the city

                              Met an amazing girl,

She was very pretty

                              Made a mismatched

group of friends

                              Avoided all

The latest trends

                             Memorizing last words

Though a morbid hobby

                             Kept him humble,

He wasn't snobby

                            They called him pudge

They made him laugh

                             Good friends and adventures

Suddenly cut in half

                              She told him stories

She "knew" her fate

                             something drove her that

she couldn't sate

                             A car crash took her

But there's something odd

                             The police report

Seemed far too broad

                              Was this an accident

Did she take her own life

                              Pudge's chance to heal

Was wrought with worried strife

                              The remaining friends allied

The mystery solved, it's done

                               They discovered the tragedy 

Of dear, crazy, Alaska Young



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