I am that I am


A strong grip on my spear of light,

I travel the long road unafraid yet ever cautious and silent.

Light footing so as to adapt to the sometimes rocky journey.

I push on.

Through storms, darkness, fears, melancholies.

I walk on.

Led by an unmistakable guiding force.


As I travel I face many beings:

Some who recognize me as I am,

some who are blinded and cannot

yet understand this form,

and those who frown upon my kind.


I am light,

and I am color.

Color meets color

in wheels centered down my body.

My weapon is light borrowed from

the shining stars.

I will infect you with

the warmth of the Sun.


I am a warrior.

Fighting to illuminate

the long roads I tred.

My spear has pierced through many dark creatures and brought them to life.

I am a soldier stealthily poisoning minds with truth and love.

My ways are slow yet grow strong once the seed has been planted.


I am a warrior for the universe.

Walking the road of loneliness and concealment.

Many will not take the journey with me:

Veiled eyes cannot see.

The burden is at times heavy.

My callused hands grow weary of the spear.

My feet ache from the uneven surface.

Darkness is sometimes overbearing, it would be easy to give up.

I lose my footing yet I do not forget my calling.

I stand back up.


I fight for the light.

I am ever conscious.

I am warm colors, shining bright.

I am the energy flow between all creation.

I am what once was but has now been ignored in a world of artificial lights.

I am that little voice inside.

I am freedom, love and joy.

I am the life hidden in this body.

I am that which you are programmed not to be.

I am spirit.

I work for the light inside all of us.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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