Casual Passion

Stand, sit, walk, move

I see you I'm renewed

I'm holding on until

My craving is fulfilled.

You are unknown

Unlimited yet full grown.

Though I do not show it-

In loving you I'm stoic

I feel it so deeply

Though you do not see me

We stand here talking

Don't know if I'm breathing

Keeping things casual

It feels so unnatural

The only way I'm capable

I'm confined to you; inescapable.

Everything you do

Is beautiful, yet untrue

I cannot hate you

Though beleive me, I want to

We walk side by side

As you speak, I have to sigh

You're so sweet, you ask why

I never hesitate to lie

You are not alone

I have no right to own

My love for you is full-flown

Though I promise you will never know.


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