'2015 Slam for Suicide Awareness and Prevention

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you wake up every day wondering why you woke up. why your mother loves you even though you use her money. why your dad is still there.
I want, I need I’ve laughed, I’ve cried But I’m not to crazy To commit suicide   It’s not my only choice So stop saying that it is
There was silence and the voices outside were telling me something was wrong, I was happy and excited and the music was playing with a speed i never knew before The voices inside told me that its a dream ,
Don't cut your wrist and don't cut your thighs. Don't get pissed just show the world that you're alive.   Pull up your sleeves show what you hide. Not for us, But for yourself please
Forgiven and forgottenThe boy chasing what he could never catchShe came and went when she pleasedThe sun set over his prisonShe hel
I'm on the edge I'm on the brink No time for guessing No time to think All is gone Yet all is here But at the edge The cold grows near I have no courage I have no fear
Dear you, It was just another day, The daily rutine the same as always. School ran by like a blur of wind Until everything stopped in its tracks.  How is it possible for a single event
Drifting away from the edge, he grabs her by the hand Trying to pull her back home They don’t love me she says, cradling the knife in her hand I just want to be alone, get out of my room
gone...    just...       gone... your light dark   leaving me without our spark       just your permanent mark   could've saved you from your fall      but you had already given your all 
Mama used to tell me that sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me Well I think momma lied Words have killed me I'm not the same as I was yesterday or the day before I'm worse now
The skinny kid, Jimmy He walked  as if he was too big for his frame! Legs spread apart Chest out.   He's the same kid  who told me, that heroes do run-away sometimes. Crazy
Scars line my arm, They call it self harm, It doesn't hurt anymore, No more crying on bedroom floors, Imploring, begging, needing the world to stop, To just be quiet, for a minute.
A cry for help goes ignored,  that cry for help silenced itself. The next cry for help went ignored and that cry for help silenced itself. Its a seemingly endless cyle of death,
I swallow the pills, I chase them with the vodka given to me on my birthday 5 months ago. The tears stop Everything slows down My heart begins to slow down
She's the type of girl That everyone would desire Long hair, beautiful So many do admire But what you see on the outside Really doesn't matter Cause she's hurting inside Ready to die
I used to live in the darkno one to call for helpno one to share my pain my heart was brokenmy scars were openi had nothing to lose
blonde hair and freckles good grades and a contagious laugh happy family and dinner together good days and sleepful nights  just a little girl   blonde hair and pale skin
I canott feel your pain nor can I understand The things you go through for the utter demand To take your precious life although it may not seem Like things will get better so you can finally redeem
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