Don't cut your wrist

and don't cut your thighs.

Don't get pissed

just show the world that you're alive.


Pull up your sleeves

show what you hide.

Not for us, But for yourself please

It's not healthy, just put your pride aside.


Please don't cry,

wipe your weeping eyes.

You're not alone, it's not a lie.

It's never too late, at least try.


Drop the pills.

Drop the gun.

The emotion you feel

has already been done.


This isn't the end

God knows you have much more left

all you need is a really great friend

cause you shouldn't think of death.


It'll be hard, but just give it a try

You'll soon discover

there's more to life, than what meets the eye

This is your life, you'll get no other.


Death is an easy way out

Life is about taking risk, don't quit.

Everyone has doubts

This is what everyone can admit


But don't let it consume you

You do matter, you should know your worth

Just like everyone, you have a purpose too

In god's eyes you've been perfect since birth.



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