Something You Forgot


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I canott feel your pain nor can I understand

The things you go through for the utter demand

To take your precious life although it may not seem

Like things will get better so you can finally redeem

The freedom you once had when life was much brighter

Once you push through, you will realize you are your own lighter

To your darkness although you may not know it

There is a better plan for you and your light must show it.

I once knew the pain and experienced those thoughts

I once had those fights between being happy and distraught

But once I forgot my problems, I remembered love

& how even when someone does not, someone else does

Even you are the only person you can think of 

Once you forget you problems you only think up

All of the things and people who made you

Forget the bad things that you went through

You forgot how strong you are to overcome your struggles and become one with your soul, mind, and self

Remember the better things that you hung up on your shelf

Then threw away because you thought you had nothing left of yourself

You may have thought that it was the end

But you forgot when there is an ending, something beautiful must begin.


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Overcoming pain is really difficult.

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