Dear you,

It was just another day,

The daily rutine the same as always.

School ran by like a blur of wind

Until everything stopped in its tracks. 

How is it possible for a single event

To turn an entire world upside down?

One minute I was working on my division 

The next I'm hearing you are gone. 

Suddenly the earth stopped rotating

Gravity pounded down upon my shoulders

And nothing was as it once was.

The news of your departure slashed at my heart

It tore at my muscle and crushed my bones.

I had no idea that anyone had this kind of power over me

The power to rip me apart into tiny little pieces of broken human flesh.

How could you? You left me here to toil alone in confusion and anger.

I still blame myself.

If only I had noticed this

If only I had heard that,

Why didn't you let me in? Why didn't I here your silent cries?

And why, why did you think that you wouldn't be missed?

Did I not show my love?

Could you not see how much you mattered?

But you didn't see. And now you are all I see.

I'm still here. 

I pass your house every day.

I see the chair where you once sat eating apples.

I hear your laughter at the table

Though you no longer occupy your seat.

The paths you frequented are all grown up,

The projects you started still lay untouched,

And the place you held in my heart lies empty.

It is nothing but a dark hall

With cobwebs in every corner and dust lining the floor,

But on my worst days you can hear the screams I let go

The shrieks I released when you chose your own pain over me.

Forever haunted by the memory of you,

Forever haunted by regret,

Forever haunted by pain.

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