I sing hope

Drifting away from the edge, he grabs her by the hand

Trying to pull her back home

They don’t love me she says, cradling the knife in her hand

I just want to be alone, get out of my room

            The light shines even brighter and glistens of the pupil of her eye

            Don’t cry the light says, your life is way more valuable than you believe

            Why don’t you know?

             I believe in you, drop your knife and leave behind your shame

             The knife slips loosely from her hand, but she quickly grabs it again

                        I’m done with the pain, please stop calling my name

                        I love you but suicide is not the right way

                        I sing hope for the day when you look in a mirror and love your beautiful face

                                    You are ok! Don’t listen to what the haters say

                                    I believe in you, hand me the knife and just walk away

                                    I sing hope, just listen to my song and you’ll be alright

The girl puts her knives away, with a smile on her face and carries on with the rest of her day



This poem is about: 
Our world


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