A cry for help goes ignored, 

that cry for help silenced itself.

The next cry for help went ignored

and that cry for help silenced itself.

Its a seemingly endless cyle of death,

Those cries for help that feel they must silence themselves.

They scream and scream and yet no body hears.

And when they are gone everyone wonders

Why didn't they ask for help?

Why didn't they cry out?

They did cry out, they screamed and shouted.

They yelled for hours, days and weeks. 

Then finally gave up on crying for help.

The help needs to come. 

Its so hard to see, when someone is in so deep.

They drop their hints, sometimes making "jokes" about ending their lives,

Thats when you know they need help.

Instead of staying silent 

Instead of ignoring the cries

Step up and anwser the cry.

You will save a life.

You will help them through.



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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