Just a little girl.

Thu, 01/26/2017 - 22:32 -- Megj246

blonde hair and freckles

good grades and a contagious laugh

happy family and dinner together

good days and sleepful nights 

just a little girl


blonde hair and pale skin

low grades and a smile slowly slipping

happy family and dinner in your room

overwhelming days and tiring nights

just a little girl


blonde hair and skinny face

awful grades and a fake smile

oblivious parents and no dinner at all

numb days and active nights

just a little girl


blonde hair and cuts everywhere

haven't been to school in weeks and no smile

uninterested parents and vodka with pills 

lonely days and a blade at night 

just a little girl


is it time?

no one would even notice


beautiful twine necklace and a podium to stand on

as the tears begin to fall, so does she

the room is silent and numbly quiet. 

forever just a little girl


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Our world
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