Forgiven and Forgotten

Sun, 10/14/2018 - 14:50 -- JacobD


United States

Forgiven and forgotten
The boy chasing what he could never catch
She came and went when she pleased
The sun set over his prison
She held his heart
The sun held his soul

Out of breath
Running from the darkness
Chasin the sun
Replaced by another lover
Easier done than said

Drastic ways
And evil faces
She danced with him
Never missing a step
Entangled in one another

Sinner with a death wish
She rejoined the stars
Away to the night
Colors in the space between her and him
Never forgetting the day
Death into the night

Premeditated murder
He loved her too much
The chair fell
But the sun continued to shine
His shadow would never die
Bad case of bad days
A slave to his own mind
Child of god
Forgiven and forgotten

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