1st love

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I once told myself i wouldn't let another page speak of you....
Your face resembles Medusa holds the utmost beauty  but I know one look will have me frozen in time Wish I could rewind  When you looked in my eyes And Pause on that moment Melting , and tongue tied
If it's called love It must be something, it's got a name What is this love? Is it the name of a game I don't know honey but let me tell ya' I ain't never seen it again
the world is going crazy dave the world is going down, shadows of the lost and weary steal across the gorund   the world is going under dave its stabbing our backs with knives
Joyce, you are so niceYour car kinda smells like riceYou drove to me from BoilingbrookAt first glance, my heart you tookYou have blue hair                       You live your life without a care
We’re standing in a room painted cheerful tangerine, It matches the sunset sky, As it gasps it’s last breathe of orange, And that’s when you kiss me.   And suddenly the sunset is so much more,
A.N. : To the one I love My other half when we first met I never knew what would happen. When we first met you were tired and I just wanted to get a conversation flowing.
His name? Now, why would I tell?  You just need to know he's beautiful,he makes my heart swell.
A beautiful person. Your skin and your mind, it melts me. Actions speak But so do words, those eyes. They tell me, I'm greater than I'll ever believe. Never did you give up on me,
When it comes to you I am selfish No amount of preacher's words come close to forgiving the sin. Looking into your eyes I can see your past, present, and future No telling which I've made my home in.
Today is a full moon night. 
11-17-14 One heart, one mind One star in the sky Two people wishing for the same things One lone soul, one kind Did not realize the connection That this world could bring on
  The flashbacks occur so vividly, Flashing like headlights, Sending signals of emotion through my body, It's nights like this that make me think of...  
Seeing you in halls makes me nervous when we only see each other 3x a day It is hard trying to talk to you all the time It is like I want to say it But it won't come out I get butterflies in my stomach
Dark, Empty, Hollow Inside My Dreams Ran Very Far, My Hopes Have Died I Have No Reason To Be Alive I Hope For My Love To Come Very Soon I Wait, I Cry, I Hope For My Love To Find
No I did not wake up like this Not unless I went to sleep last night and woke up in the dress Cause normally I wake up mess Because honey I'm too stressed At least I stay blessed
I could do a milion good things but you only see me when I fall. And I'm not as tall, To you I'm a little girl just in the mist of it all We could have been something great. Something so magical. 
P; the presence you hold in my life Can it be dictated? Numerated? Determinated? Not in my eyes.
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