A Girl Named Joyce

Joyce, you are so nice
Your car kinda smells like rice
You drove to me from Boilingbrook
At first glance, my heart you took
You have blue hair                       
You live your life without a care

You jarred a hive of swarming bees
You jarred my heart, and brought me to my knees
I kissed you there by my bed                  
Right after you had bumped your head  
I held you in my arms so tight               
Through the thunder and rain that night

I made a mistake I won't soon forget
Let's put this past us, and grab that omelet
I'd make a thousand swans and then a thousand more
For just one wish, to hear you knocking at my door
Come over and we'll play some "Uno"
Just you, me, and our old friend "Jane Doe"

I used to call you on the phone
But now it seems nobody's home
You kissed me on the cheek
Not a word could I speak
The clouds don't lie, it was fate
May I take you on another date?

Joyce, all these other girls they aren’t like you     
You’re funny, you’re sweet, and you’re nice to talk to
When she says she looks like a potato           
I can’t understand why, I think she looks great though
Her behind is like a peach, it’s bootylicious                     
And I hear the cookies that she bakes are so delicious

Teach me how to drift like they do in Tokyo       
So, then I can drive just like you and Dom Toretto
I’ll take my seat behind the wheel, as I drive your “Mitsu”  
I won’t worry about directions, because I’ll be with you
You hold my hand and I’ll hold yours            
Together shopping at the Promenade stores

I want you back in my life, it’s been way too long
Let’s sing a duet of the Pokemon theme song
Rest your head on my shoulder, and tell me about your day
Remember when I’d call you on the phone and we’d talk the night away?
We’ll lay on the floor, and crawl under my bed
So many words that still need to be said

Our “Do the Dew” wedding extravaganza
We’ll get closer with every line in this stanza
I fell more in love with you each day that we shared
I wrote all of this down to show you how much I cared
We’ll have each other and we’ll fall in love
Through a force Audrey says comes from up above

When you came to see me, I knew you were special
You kissed me on the lips so warm and gentle
We went for gelato, I could not decide
But I’m so glad I had you there by my side
I call them all babe, but it doesn’t mean a thing               
You’re all I need, you mean everything

I want to call you on the phone
You’ll never have to feel alone
When I’m without you I feel worlds away
I hope you can still see me in the same light someday
You’d send snapchats that would brighten my day
I want so badly for you to look at me the same way

“Down to Frosty?” was our saying
I fear the love you had for me is waning
You taught your cousins how to “Whip and Nae Nae”
I’ve been praying every night for you to please stay
“Kiss Me” is still our song
Even if I sometimes sing the words wrong

I feel like a boy lost out on the ocean
I’m sorry I get overwhelmed by emotion
You won’t take my calls, I feel so ungodly
Now, I know how it feels to be Audrey
You want your space and I understand          
I was just hoping someday I could be your man


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