What is love? 1

If it's called love
It must be something, it's got a name
What is this love?
Is it the name of a game
I don't know honey but let me tell ya' I ain't never seen it again
It came once, I was 17 and boy that fire wouldn't die if it was buried alive
Child! I tried and tried to keep my sanity
You would think love is all giggles and laughs
Until the fights and arguments and somebody's tires end up slashed
Now sister honey I ain't gone say it's horrible
but this love's system must have quickly crashed
I mean I think I can name a couple of culprits
Misplaced trust, lies, jealousy, lack of communication and a whole slew of messing
Now I like a little love don't we all
but that love was bad and to have it out of my life is a blessing

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