“I have feelings for you but I do not know if I should tell you.”

Sat, 07/04/2015 - 12:56 -- MC Fish

I have a crush on you, since the first time I saw your smiling face.
Have no idea, what was your name and then I heard it, Lisett
Your laugh is not matched by anyone I know.
Most people I know has not treated me with the same level of respect
When I need a friend, you were there for me. I respect you more than ever before
Our friendship has grown like a beautiful flower
It is the little things that makes me love you
Being your friend is the best gift that you could ever give me, but
I want something more
I have feelings, deep feelings inside my heart wants to say I want you to be my girlfriend
I did not know how to make my move
So I asked you if you want to hang out my sophomore year in high school
I was scary inside, fear of rejection
When you say yes, my heart went happy, like a kid getting a gift that they have been wanting for Christmas and they get the gift they wanting
Then you brought your brother over, I think back now, it might have been a test
Second time you brought another friend which I think it was another test
Third time it was the charm, we hang out just the two of us
Watching Schindler’s List, one of my favorite moments
Since it was your senior year in high school, you told you were going to Madison
I decide to offer by helping you pack
On our way there, you were touch my hair so softly, so gently
Then a couple hours of going up and down the stairs, move things in the building she ran into her friend Tito.
Never knew that day would change everything.
Ever since then, she and Tito have been dating as for me contact with her had not been as often.
I still feel heartbroken even though we never dated, I feel like we did
Because we have been there for each other for four years
I feel like my sunshine was taken away and now all I experience is cloudy, windy, rainy, snowy cold days but no more sunshine.
My flower was step on and no one took care of it, so it died.
I wish I could tell you, Lisett, how I feel but I am scared of losing this friendship.
Looking up at the sky, wondering to myself, if I ever I would have the courage to tell her I feel inside, would she want to be with me?
What can I do different that can make her fall in love with me?
There seems to be no hope, but if it was meant to be, then time will let me know


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