Almost An Angel

Your face resembles Medusa

holds the utmost beauty 

but I know one look will have me frozen in time

Wish I could rewind 

When you looked in my eyes

And Pause on that moment

Melting , and tongue tied

I remember a time when

Your irises rsembled the sunrise

They were the only light I wanted to awake me

And your lips resembled the smooth curve of vally hills

Bet just one kiss would have dried out the tears

And erased the salt water I shed

on boys who didn’t match their living years

But lately these hands reach out to grab an empty space

Where your face should be placed

And reach to hold hands

That are wrapped in clenched fists

And I feel the beating in my heart accelerate

As the the words escape

That I’m too late to love you

So you leave me

And now lately your face resembles…. an angel

Because I’m to weak to say I don’t love you

but I hate you

I self-diagnosed myself bipolar

My heart just gets colder

Nothings worse than a love that gets older

Cause my feelings get deeper

And this pain in my chest grows stronger

And yes I love you 

but I don’t want to any longer

So I’ll stay away

And tell the 95% of heart and 5% of my brain 

That you, are simply just

A face in the crowd

With normal brown eyes

Ordinary lips

and a face that almost resembled an Angel

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