dearest dave

the world is going crazy dave

the world is going down,

shadows of the lost and weary

steal across the gorund


the world is going under dave

its stabbing our backs with knives

why are people so quick to say

these are the best years of our lives?


but i saw you grin the other day

and stared in total awe

was it me who made you do that?

was that triumph that i saw?


i heard you speak the other day

and prayed that you'd go on

i love the way you speak

your spirit seemed so strong


and i heard you laugh the other day

and prayed that you'd laugh more

and between the world and you and i

theses are the reasons i love you for.


This poem is about: 
My family
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this poem is about my boyfriend davion. he isnt the type to go out there and be himself. so when i catch him smiling or grinning, it just blows my mind. so this is for you dave.

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