I Love You Still.

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 23:22 -- kemi09

P; the presence you hold in my life

Can it be dictated? Numerated? Determinated?

Not in my eyes.

A; the accceptance you have for me

We break the holds of the status quo, me and my baby make a great duo

Forget them...what do they know?

I; the impartial and inevitable footprint you have left

Our inclination to find each other in the eye of the tempest and the calm of the valley.

That's the way love goes, Janet Jackson said so.

N; the never-ending efforts on your part

You've left your mark, so baby let's embark

on a voyage. The future awaits, so darling don't be late...

                              I love you still.

L; the lust that endlessly eats away at my heart,

tearing me apart. Makes me restless, makes me feel like an empty cart-

on. And now I've lost my identity, with only the unknown ahead of me.

O; the obscurity embedded in your character

Baby got me caught up in the raptures. I wanna go, leave, faster

and faster because my mind can't take all the high stakes.

V; the vulnerability and sensitive side to you

I never know what to do, you make me so confused! I often refuse

to let you get to me. I keep trying desperately...to cut my losses and go.

E; the ephemeral way in which we are

I just want to depart. How'd you suck me in this far? I try to run, go back to what I know

but I keep coming back to you. Maybe it's true: All I truly know is you.

                             I love you still.


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