My Other Half....

A.N. : To the one I love

My other half when we first met I never knew what would happen.

When we first met you were tired and I just wanted to get a conversation flowing.

I walked up hiding my fear with a smile getting closer while my heart was tappen.

"Hey how's it going."

You looked at me with your beautiful eyes and a smile.

We talked and it seemed like a match from pure lititure.

To bad friends came before it was a while.

Bright side is we got a good picture.

My other half after a year as friends and keeping each other in balance.

You told me that for a boyfriend you could never find a good one.

Before i could think,

I soon began to speak. 

"I'll take that as a challenge."

You laughed softly as I shut my mouth as i feel my face get as hot as the sun

A mounth later to spring was quite a wait.

On a warm night after some ice cream.

I finally got the courage to ask you on a date.

And when you said yes I thougth it was a dream.

Two years together we went through a lot.

We where a diffrent couple one others inspired to be.

We respected each other and never really fought.

 And through thoses years we talked about all the sights we'll see'

My other half when high school ended we were deep in love.

Then collage distance left issues and a few tears.

Then things got better sort of 

You said something most likely out of fear.

Which made my heart ake 

"I want to go on a break."

My other half days later here I am 

Relizeing that I love you so much there's no way to keep track.

The feeling hit me as a huge slam.

Boo I love you to the moon and back. 

I hope to see you and make you smile and laugh.

Becuse I feel so incomplete without my other half. 

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