Hope You Heard

When it comes to you I am selfish

No amount of preacher's words

come close to forgiving the sin.

Looking into your eyes I can see

your past, present, and future

No telling which I've made my home in.


If life were going to end tomorrow

I'd want my last day to be with you,

because finding someone you'd give everything for

comes once in a blue moon.


It doesn't matter what I do

when you aren't with me

there is nothing but emptiness,

And I almost think I could fade away into nothing

A vast darkness turned a field of endless bliss.


You may take my words and laugh at them,

scoff at them, make them meaningless to you

and refuse to care.

Whether you do or do not care at all,

like a masochist I'll still be there.


To see your dreams through

and have them come true

for me would be a heaven in and of itself.

Seeing you smile is the antidote to my depression

Doctors can keep their limitless supply of drugs

on their own medicine cabinet shelf.


Sometimes I wish I could take my emotions

and send them to you telepathically,

seems easier that way,

Than to have to try explaining the complexity

you create inside me

each and every single day.


Though I've tried my best to bring

words to this kind of feeling

I all but fail to add my soul to every word.

It seems that I have nothing left I can do

but to say I Love You

And to hope you heard.



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