Wed, 05/06/2015 - 14:09 -- kfloyd

I could do a milion good things

but you only see me when I fall.

And I'm not as tall,

To you I'm a little girl just in the mist of it all

We could have been something great.

Something so magical. 

Like an aneroixic on aderal. 

Good vibes jumping,


Wall to wall

We'd be perfect.

But, you see...

I'm not worth anything, to you.

I'm the last person you'd choose.

You'd rather die alone,

than spend a day with me on your own.

I hate you.

You're evil, you're poison in my veins

But the near death experience

Everytime I'm in your presence.

Feels like you own every bone in my body,

I'm Yours. 


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