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The Eternal Twin Today, every moment felt like a bit much. I wondered how different my life would be if I had your touch. I visualised you as if I really had you.
flow so potent no emotion jus stay focused on your toesa show my foes i go beast mode chico loco pouncin bogo ocean motion locomotive coastin off of most dopest motivation 
flow so potent no emotion jus stay focused on your toesa show my foes i go beast mode chico loco pouncin bogo ocean motion locomotive coastin off of most dopest motivation 
  The shaking from head to toes, the drug demeaning, the depth of the hollow bones. It keeps you staring into oblivion, 
We have all come such long ways. whether near to our dear, or far from home, with each a story of our own It may be patience, trust or love, new chapters just to prove
this is a poem this poem is a poem i like to eat foam in my home
Splendor shows us, ray is to cause to plundering us.And seducing our sprite mind, Oh morning stars.Where is your address, where is your destination.Which way you are going,Oh morning stars.The period is silence, the period is senseless.But you are for for life the step we take a breath an a break for lifes stakes take life away dead gone deceased blowed gone away hatred greed bad seed life for life we got we have a minute to prey a second to die sad so for for life the step we take a breath an a break for lifes stakes take life away dead gone deceased blowed gone away hatred greed bad seed life for life we got we have a minute to prey a second to die sad so
Lurking in the shadows always listening to others. Having no voice nor opinion growing up.
I became grown-up Much quicker than many I was only 13  When they found a tumor in my belly   Technically it was in my ovary 
  It’s bottled up in her. She keeps it inside. Treat this like her outro. But Her soul will reside. Here she stands. Wanting to be she. It’s like taking her first breath after drowning. 
America Could Be Great hats float throughout our country; spreading a deeply red message blood power angst how many must die? how many must cry?
My fears used to Stop me from being my greatest and achieving my dreams  All my life I was a people pleaser  I let what other people thought about me define who I am  So I would be popular and accepted by society 
perserverance .     So I focused. strength .    So I needed faith. tired .  So I gained power. weak .    So I kept going. push.   Until I gained courage. through.    So I felt the drive.
I am not going to sleep again A glass of wiskey and my pen Fills all my dreams in my paper and vein Climbing towards my brain I promise I am not gonna sleep again
I don’t express my opinion often, I keep my mouth shut I often vocalize in my head on what I should say But I feel like I would say the wrong thing if I opened my mouth
As school starts and break ends It's impossible to get started again. But no matter how buried the soul can feel Or how busy the brain can be The leaves still bring me back to me.  
Have you ever wondered who i am? how so many people tell me im different what makes me so different? what makes me stand out in a massed world plethora of unknown Is it my radiance?
Dear Black Women   by Heven Ambachew   With strength and resiliency,
I look as gentle as flower’s petal But everybody treats me as a hard metal I am the unique naure made arts But nobody cares about me.cause I have got black heart   I look as innocent as a child
​O sweet beaut, so fair and intriguing, At the corner I’m waiting for you; I’m scratching my head, and inquiring, What on earth it were best I should do.
  Epitome                 Idyllic                               Scintillating                                                      Ostentatious
Inside, I am like a bottle, keeping things in.  Sadness, anger, hurt, and a couple of sins. How can I unleash what is hiding? To erase the pain I feel, the pain that's fighting?  
5th year I was always a giver not a taker. I bought my her toy, gifts or what ever I made her. My sister is oldest but I was always the protector.
Its cold at night in the fray  my boy looking at this girl  she looking like his next pray  she cant see him in the fray   it gets cold like that  it gets cold like the bay 
Dear George... Today I had to listen to the words. "I'm sorry but we can't prove it beyond reasonable doubt."
It is senior yearAnd then I must say goodbye.I must say goodbye to thoseI've come to care about,Throughout the four years of high school.
Isn't it Funny? Isn't it funny how we seen Jojo, Peanut, and DoBoy hugging the block standing on the corner.
You come into this world with the reassurance of acceptance and love.
I once saw a picture of a couplewho were as happy as can be. The white gown, alstroemerias, and uniform made them prettier than you and me. Their smiles were crimson like fruitwhich attracts all at the height of spring.
Love keeps us Happy, available to function Love is what each and every one of us need In our life's We have emotions that are in us That need to be felt by another human being,
 Because I love you   My love for you never slips away   Making me special every day   Giving me life that I never knew  While I see you as a rose that always bloom  Because I love you 
It’s been a year: 365 days, 8760 hours, A full rotation around our star.   I left you on the pier: A boat filled dock,
There's alot of tension between us, I don't know where to start I'm to blame for sure but you played your part a lot of miscommunication, a lot of unsaid words
I met you out of chance You looked up to me with the eyes of a serpant but the spirit of an aging flower fighting for the life you once loved   As the night falls and the lights turn on
Quit saying I cannot Start saying I can You can do all things Do all that you can Can all that you do The power is in you All things are possible To him who believe Have faith in yourself
Failure factures the soul Impairs the mind Injure every part of the body Failure is disgusting and dreadful   Everyone abscond from loss Alike the reckless fears it
Dear America, You suck Opening statement: 'you suck' The common phrase of common folk; terrible I have severe chronic depression, insomnia, social anxiety, and yes, I identify as a pansexual
I’ve trained to continue running when it hurts the most. Never giving up on my goals. Showing others that the impossible can be possible. People inspired and motivated as they watch.
Just want to come to u again Oh! Past, Why were u lost.   Oh! Past, You were my old host, No fear from Ghosts, But you made me lost.
A time for change was near,It was crystal clear,The days were hard and long,My confidence was all but strong,Summer came and camps began,So I made a plan.I stayed for weeks, playing music for days,
I have a feelingThat I can comprehendIn my deepest thoughts your areMore than just a friend.
On the dark side of the world I lived with fear. I cried, I strived in order to survive,but no one seemed to hear.   ''MAY YOU PLEASE COME LOCK ME UP CHIEF'', I said,in times of confusion
We have no need to go to the movies Why take time to eat? Let’s not laugh, chortle, or even talk. All I want
Purple-black flowers dot the landscape, Each seed planted without care as they're pounded into the landscape. They grow and wither away, yellow, just to sprout anew elsewhere.
Pain Mental Physical Emotional   Confined By my own sadness Lost In my own desolation Afraid Of my own sentiment   Subdued Always Grieving
erratically, senselessly, he walks along , with his broken facade. an echo of what once was, what will never be. losing himself,
The rain falls and it sounds like bullet casings; The rain falls and it sounds like home.  The thunder comes and I am hiding,  Under a table, away from you. From your thunder-clap hands,
I'm feeling blue, People avoid me like the flu. I really wanted to be you, But you told me to get a clue. So after that experience I grew. I'm glad you helped me breakthrough.
I awake to the sound of the birds chirping, My eyes are gently opening as I hear the nature singing, With a faint sound of many windchimes jingling, Oh how much joy this surely does bring to me, 
Never have I stared at the leaves of a tree for so long. Listened to the acorns dropping from above. Felt among the stars in my loneliness. For I am in search of something, some balance.
When I was 9 years old, I came home from school one day confused by a question a classmate had asked me.
I am incomplete, and always trying to achieve the ever constantly changing picture of the best me possible- and for all my faults along the way my intentions always started out good.  
I am a Harbor   A harbor stands next to land and that is protected and deep enough to provide safety for ships. When I am a nurse, I will stand next to my patients
I am... I am merry, I am upbeat, I am content, I am pleased,
I am the future, I am the past, For my paretns I am the first, And for someone special I will be the last. I am curious, I am precarious. I am seated amongst the stars, For I do no belong.
청주오피ま경기오피『BAm』WAr7점『컴』〔 밤전〕⦅청주오피⦆⦅에르메스⦆청주오피ま경기오피『BAm』WAr7점『컴』〔 밤전〕⦅청주오피⦆⦅에르메스⦆청주오피ま경기오피『BAm』WAr7점『컴』〔 밤전〕⦅청주오피⦆⦅에르메스⦆청주오피ま경기오피『BAm』WAr7점『컴』〔 밤전〕⦅청주오피⦆⦅에르메스⦆청주오피ま경기오피『BAm』WAr7점『컴』〔 밤전〕⦅청주오피⦆⦅에르메스⦆청주오피ま경기오피『BAm』WAr7점『컴』〔 밤전〕⦅청주오피⦆⦅에르메스⦆청주오피ま경기오피『BA
I remember when we use to fight like mayweather and paquiao but we woke up the next morning and play pilolo You bit me, nor hewor ma fe no eko Where is the love we seek and sought
Life as we know is passing, While we look at other lost souls thats crashing, As society kicks flicks at these tender hearts, I just wonder can we switch the parts, Nope cause thats Gods decision,
 " Hello, do you hear me, can you hear me ?
I am not what I am not so you won't see what you don't see
You almost thought summer was an everyday thing now. Now its time to work, and do your  homework. Are you making those  grades?  That's how your gonna get paid.
BLAM BLAM TSK BASH Anyone who’s anyone is at the Cash Cash Bash. Bring Cash to this will grantee some good hash. At the finest cash cash bash no man brings change here.
I am an emotional, fifteen years old girl;
I'm livin the life I mean I'm lovin myself from within I love the ones around me For helping me become who I am They shaped me to stand big and tall So I can't withstand any fall
Tell me, was it all in vain?
The melody is soothing; The lyrics are moving.  The bass is booming! Music is awesome!   It helps you through times; The music has funny rhymes. The intensity climbs! Music is awesome!
The melody is soothing; The lyrics are moving.  The bass is booming! Music is awesome!   It helps you through times; The music has funny rhymes. The intensity climbs! Music is awesome!
The melody is soothing; The lyrics are moving.  The bass is booming! Music is awesome!   It helps you through times; The music has funny rhymes. The intensity climbs! Music is awesome!
Everyone knows the saying, "life isn't fair. Although the obstacles we face in life may make us more strong, dominant, and capable to conquer what challenge we will face
Awesome (adj.) 
Awesome, What does it mean to be awesome? It means to be yourself
Awesome is the word we use like sick or rad or narly or cool or Awesome Awesome can be sarcastic when your mom  comes into your room and tells you something she thinks is Awesome but you don't think is Awesome 
the love we share as humans is recycled; we dont simply give, or simply receive, but both. so why should we as humans take something we dont deserve, and abuse it,
` Of all things material, I choose you to fill my bowl, You complete my soul, you make me feel imperial.
Life is like an elevator, there's a lot of ups and downs, but it's not all bad.
To run, to skip, to fly
Properly picking the perfect arrangement of diction Of how to provide the most accurate description of woman Purest complexity in the dissection of the word, letter for letter, one by one
The power of thought With all the paint I have bought Thinking of my fate   Art always opens new gates Teaching will be fulfilling Artistic minds are always thrilling  
Let these somber ashes be my epilogue.This scantily breathing flame, my prologue.My life’s length running it’s course along this cigarette,
“a hopeful eye first to jump in a sea of fire,still the scorching lesson leaves more to be desired.
I slowly transpose from Flesh and Blood to Page and Pen.
I ask you a question but I get no response back,
Like the sidewalk flower, We develop from difficulties. Struggling through cement, We learn our lessons.   Like the sidewalk flower, We overcome our obstacles. Battling through bricks,
Reflection By Nate kemp  
Fancy pictures with all those colors, brightness, borders, and edits on myslef without the real me in it. with all that gone and out the picture, whats left of it is me. my genuine slef no other then me
My eyes dart side to side looking for the welcoming smile, Was it not enough, You have put my entire life on trial, I know what I have done makes my outside rough,
Always told to laugh Never told to cry
You disheveled man My hips stand a ground being Waves in your bayou 
The Sun has his rays cast upon the day placing light to those Who try to escape or run a way. His presence maintains the world by shedding vision within these
  When I wake up in the morning, “I tell myself that I am beautiful”.
Without filters  I can fly While filtered, I was caged up like a dove ... In Noah's Ark Through the filter ... No one could see me waiting I was going crazy My anticipation always waiting 
I can't say that I am a person who is outgoing. However, I do like to have fun and laugh as I am growing. With the different types of people that I meet. Rather they be friend or foe that I first greet.
You know stress? Worry? That panic that grips your chest and rips you apart in the middle of the night? Because thinking about the future incites this feeling of needing to explode because you're not ready.
There's a darkness that covers the moon, To save the werewolves from there doom.
whistle my entire existence is contingent upon
Without all of those special effects and techniques,  I am not afraid of any words of critiques.    I am still the same girl with the many flaws.
I close my eyes and imagine how I could be
I know that I am more shallow plains than mountain tops, I am more gladiator than gambler, more human than man, more rusty fork than sliver spoon, more explicit content than censored radio,  
Im the man around here. I wake up feeling on top. Im just trying to graduate, but i need some college guap. Everything is looking good, im even picking up my grades. But theres one thing I need, a lot of financial aid. 
I am usually socially awkward, the mask makes me look handsomely forward. I love to draw with my friend, the mask makes my friendships end. My words will the doves fly,  the mask make you question me: why?
There are
     I'm an artist, freed from logic, An idealist, un-tied to politics, I'm a writer, a leader, but  no cheater, I'm a finder, not a keeper.   No one can tie me, I'm a fighter, not a lover,
I want to be strong. I want to be pretty. I want to be heard. Someone will always have what we want, but cherishing what we have is the best thing to own. I always thought, and thought.
I wake up everyday with a smile on my face Life is a race I have been pushed around People have tried to trip me up But I always had belief in myself It doesn't matter where you come from 
Funny. Facetious. Laugh at myself. Amicable. Witty. Lining is sometimes silver. Energy goes from snort to silent laughter. Sarcasm is my best friend. Silliness and goofiness okay.  
       Self respect is the key to loving yourself It means to not only be truthful  But to be confident To exceed the expectations of your nobles
           "Breaking Free"  
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