Childhood Memories

I became grown-up

Much quicker than many

I was only 13 

When they found a tumor in my belly


Technically it was in my ovary 

But it all happened so quick

In an instant at 13

I might never have kids


Not that I wanted them then

But one day I would 

And I didn’t want to let that go 

Thankfully I should be good but


Even today I fear

And at night you can find me in tears

That becoming pregnant one day

Might be a childhood dream stolen away 


I became a grown up 

quicker than most

I was 14 

When my friend had a tumor of her own


This time though 

It wasn’t benign 

And she went through hell

And everyday I cried


She’s always been strong

Much stronger than me

And she put on a smile

And she fought till she was cancer free


I was only a teenager 

When I realized the world was unfair

We weren’t invincible 

And time was sacred 


But I also realized 

While dealing with hell

Remember to always be a kid

It helps a little as well


I’m not saying never mature 

I’m just saying remember  the simple 

Remember to smile and enjoy

Because the world will never be fair 


And realizing that is what made me a grown up.


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