Postive Motive

flow so potent no emotion jus stay focused on your toesa

show my foes i go beast mode chico loco pouncin bogo

ocean motion locomotive coastin off of most dopest motivation 

all you wrote is all you know now you go pro spoken flow doper coke

writing is so slow so explode expose how empowered when go and go 

row the boat on down the cove and overthrow any shadow you had of sadness

keep postive motive, goals and qouta, automotive motor, rose like boner

im not poser growin older im all alone but i know its better over time

cause noone knows you most provoke broken confidense when unload their own self loathe 

trying lower your own atonement you coding in to habits to establish a talent that challenge 

boundry and limits promoting a loaded amount of accolodes you achieve

no body even apply energy to any hobby besides hating themselves cause they're too lazy developing mental 

latency lazy dayly made em unable of flippin the table and blame on every which angle 

excusing uselessness thoughts upon why its okay to never brace pain to obtain greatness

too dangerous it may be wrong way to take so you idle afraid to make a mistake

remember to ascend and get bigger enter the heaven of steppin through hell 

pounding out weight by the pound

found a way to sprout out the ground

backing down aint even allowed

now you bout it stout amount devout 

proud and doused in astounding outlets of clout





Got bored after a whiles


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My family
My community
My country
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