Sincerely Tired

Dear America,
You suck

Opening statement: 'you suck'

The common phrase of common folk; terrible

I have severe chronic depression, insomnia, social anxiety, and yes, I identify as a pansexual

But if you choose to make fun of me, I'll kick your teeth in

Is what I want to say, but I know that I wouldn't

If you hate on my mental state or sexuality that I prefer, I would turn my head down

Forehead to floor, like a sandbag in my mind, splitting and spilling

Sand doesn't come out easily

I would look at the scuffs on my shoes and hope you walk away

Like a prayer to a god I didn't even know I was praying to

I wish my tongue could create bullets

Spitting out warning shots like I swallow my opinions in a room full of enemies

I draw battle lines on my papers because I don't know which parts of my head or heart will wage war today

I call myself fat and my body believes it

It wants to stop hating itself, but I can't tell a truth that tastes as sweet as the lie

So dear America, why do you have so many backwards ideals?

You douse minorities in fire and hope they burn themselves out.

Another note, there is no such thing as reverse racism,

Feminism is equality, not dominance,

And not everyone is trying to invade you.

Standardized testing sucks, homework is disgusting, and why is college so expensive??

Rape is an issue, and so are morals, but apparently my personal rights aren't included in the budle of freedoms

I an free to speak, (but if you want to pay me for it, I'm all open, as long as it's not your speech)

So, America, sorry about the rant, but, I'm like the caring friend that punches your arm to make you realize you broke it.

Sincerely, Tired.

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My country
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It's probably bad. I have been pushing myself so hard for school that I just stopped to get it out. Sometimes, America sucks. And I am sincerely tired with it. Thank you for looking, you amazing human, you.

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