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Embrace who you are, and you'll go far, don't live in fear, for then you won't see the world clear.
8 years 12 months ago
I can no longer love you for you have been most cruel to me. I place my heart, my dreams in your arms and you dismantled them brutally.
8 years 12 months ago
9 years 10 hours ago
With lips red as the rose So sweet and tender as the fragrance, As they gently arose A soften form of patience.
9 years 14 hours ago
A shade of blue rest solemnly upon your heart For, memories and dusty footprints follow your every step
9 years 22 hours ago
We're setting sail to a voyage that never ends Cast with the wind, while the anchor begins to drown
9 years 1 day ago
I Cry ..
for years everyone has seen me crying but nobody cared enough to ask why until i met this lady two years ago
9 years 2 days ago
The moments pass slowly, each bringing a new memory as I lie here, waiting.
9 years 3 days ago
“Huge Asteroid Missed Earth, Another in 2029 May Not!”
9 years 3 days ago
You bring out the Dominican in me. The wide-hipped, wide-eyed morena. The mango skin lips.
9 years 4 days ago