Soul Mates

Soul mates are hard to find
Only when, it’s a matter of time
The day will come that you’ll be mine
I think about your face and know you’re fine
If only you knew this day has arrived
I want to bring laughter and joy to your life
All our sadness pushed to the side
Listening to your voice and the words you project
While I’m in your arms, feeling no threat
Security you’ll provide, I have no questions, bet
Moments of pure love, I’ve laid down to rest
While your hands are wandering off, guess
I’m your number one fan, no one can compare
I’ll ride n die for you always, I’m the one who cares
Everyone may have come and go in your life, but I’m not scared
I’m the woman you need, not another, I couldn’t bare
The day God brings us together; there’s no running no where
Finally to have each other, will bring nothing but happiness
Seeing you by side, can’t believe this happening
Waking up to each other and saying I love you
This I will do and I know I’m not a fool
The feelings are too real and it was easy to choose
As each day passes you are who I want to be with
My life is changing in this air I breathe in
Your spirit your soul is all I’m needed
The emotions expressed, I’m finally blessed
I sleep at night pretending to be on your chest
You holding me tight telling me to rest
As we say good night, together we say YES!


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

beautiful poem-this is very heartfelt
i felt the message, it came from the heart
very inspiring and meaningful

"Taking that chance with you will not make me square"-tweak this particular line (didn't like the word square for this line)
here's a thought
taking that chance with you ignites the love we will share or something similar that ends with word share

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

great job in polishing this poem
recite it and ask yourself how does this poem sound to you
this poem gives a better flow to your msg


I appreciate your feedback, I really sat back and thought what I really wanted to say and it hit me..and this is the final piece..Thanks again for your constructive criticism, very much appreciated

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