Message in A Bottle


United States
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A message in a bottle
Thrown out to sea
Hoping my soulmate will find it
And come searching for me

A message in a bottle
Filled with many hopes and desires
Praying that one day
They all will transpire

I walk the beaches at night
My mind wandering aimlessly
Wondering if the one I love
Will sweep me off my feet gracefully

All alone knowing that
Words will never be spoken
Because our love is separated
By a tremendous ocean

A message in a bottle
Left this very shore
Tossed out to sea
So that love will be lost no more

Thoughts of you
How can it be?
When I have no picture of you
Painted in my mind visually

Will he think I’m crazy
Or just crazy in love
Or maybe he’ll think I’m heaven-sent
Like the angel Gabriel from above

Too many days have gone by
I long to feel your embrace
Wrap my arms around you
And forever share the same space

Without you
I feel an emptiness in my soul
Me plus you
Will make this broken heart whole

This letter has traveled the raging waves
Tossing and turning
God will bring us together
Because your love is what I’ve been yearning

I dropped a tear in the ocean
And this here is true
The day I find it
Will be the day I stop missing you

A message in a bottle
Thrown out to sea
Hoping my soulmate will find it
And come searching for me



this is beautiful. I enjoyed reading this. thank you


Love this (:


Really amazing poem




This flowed together beautifully! I loved it!!


That was very beautiful. You've left me with memorable imageas and emotions.

Indigo Rose



I love how you ended the same way you began, it fit very well for this poem and wrapped everything together very nicely :)


Beautiful poem, very heartfelt! Lovely job! :)


This is so lovely. Keep searching and're not alone.


I loved this piece! it was so beautiful <3 


Aww, i can't believing i am awwing but this was really beautiful. I feel you girl :')


I was taken on a journey. Beautiful story and poem

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