Poems about Race

Over 300 years of incarceration. Today we still got our people living in incarceration.
What is race? What is racism? We hear these phrases on the news
What is it that they did wrong? Is a better education too much to ask for They needed a better version of education
When I tell my mom that I fear for the lives of the people who I hold dear to me , she asks why 
Trudging and dragging In the scorching heat Gravel and dust blows
Rights. The supplier of liberty and life. Try to name a society with more of these than US. Alright?
America the Great. America that is mixed like a blender but judges based on race  and a someone's gender. 
Red, white and blue, blue white and redEach color reflecting the flag we're representing
I’ve been chased out of southern states Not by my merit or reason other than my race. I’ve been ridiculed in school
Dear President Trump,   Can you hear that?