So where to?

What is it that they did wrong?
Is a better education too much to ask for
They needed a better version of education
Freedom was all they needed nothing else

Defencelessly running from gun shots pow pow
With hope to survive from being killed for freedom
Blessed we are to have freedom which we abusive to
We fortunate to have a better education.

Short to death and got away with it
Imagine how parents behaved from this
Finding children lying on the streets dead
Ooh all from a skin color and race.

If they managed to fight for freedom facing soldiers
What are drugs and foreigners using our sisters?
Wake up and put on your uprising mode
Use the same education they died for to change

Education is the key to success,power and status
That's why Soweto uprising tossed to tragedy
If it's worth to die for why drop out ?
Own your space be a treasure not waste.

Uprise from the current hiccups killing our future
Drugs, alcohol, crime and prostitution.
Time is now that you do what's right for our future
Hold on to Education don't let go.

Don't be fooled by unemployment
No one is born an employer dream of being one
Work on it it's possible dreams come true
It's all in your mind, have a mindset to change.

©®Tshepiso Siko
15 June 2017

This poem is about: 
My country


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