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Over 300 years of incarceration.
Today we still got our people living in incarceration.
We were the ones who built this nation. Because of our skin color hard to find an occupation.
Because of our skin color stereotyped to a few occupations.
Athlete or entertainer.
That's a no brainer.
300 years and they still using us for show.
So much depression sometimes I just wanna let go.
But I can't let go.
I want to continue to let the people know.
I want my people to glow.
I want my children to grow.
But every where I look they killing us in rows. Everywhere I look they killing our sisters and bros.
I'm not just talking black. I'm talking brown, yellow, red, anybody besides the higher power. It use to be anybody beside the majority.
But we took the majority, but I still think of us as minorities.
Because no one stepping up in our communities.
Because we killing each other in our communities.
We need to stop the destruction and come to the thought of unity.
So we can change the quantity. Until we do so we will still be the minority.
Why are we still getting beaten on.
I thought Martin Luther King's dream was still beating on.
It seems we have still been fighting for freedom all along.
Our ancestors hoped for a better future for their children.
Not going to lie it's better, but we still getting controlled by the system.
We are still getting whippin's.
Emotionally and physically,
For 300 years our pain was never hidden.
It took blacks, reds, and whites to stop the system.
The civil rights movement it took blacks, browns and whites to stop the system.
The L.A. Riots to Ferguson almost every race was fighting the system.
Now my point is here listen.
We as people of earth need to find out that there is no color in the world.
We are all one race.
Humans are who we are.
If we all can come to that conclusion we can all go really far.
Now is the time people it's never too late. There's always room for debate.
Freedom, peace, and equality is the mind state. Ima die young wonder if god will open up the gate.
But don't forget they made this game and had us play it.
Still got our neighborhoods segregated.
I fucking hate it.
I thought this life we outdated.
Still got us in oppression and imprisoned.
I keep wondering if I'm living.
I keep wondering if it was actually freedom we were given.
Or just another white man's prison.
I want justice, peace, and equality.
But it's hard when they continue to take it from me

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