Poems about Bullying

Cyberbullying must end.
I used to be jealous of the way your nose tilted perfectly upwards, and I hated that mine was not like yours.
Invisible is something I crave to be So people will stop bullying me Dead is something that I long for
Can I borrow a pencil? Yes. Can I "borrow" a sheet of paper? Ok. Can I see your homework? Sure.
Listen to the shouts and jeers Words that are used like spears At home you let out the tears
I was bullied and had low self-esteem; I was not true to myself. 
Bull the bully bullied the bullies the bully king  bullshiting bully and bully things
One day after practice, he walks me home, "Hey, I have something to tell you." The love of my life says. 
When I was younger I would always complain how I wanted to be an a
one day your walking on a road  feeling low as a toad and you look really sad beacause people said you look bad