Poems about Animals

The predator     Upon the earth this animal breathes   And walks silently with the breeze 
I knew a little bird Whose colours are green and red  It flies so high; it flies so low 
life can be oh so sweet life can also be fire
In quietness of early dawn where mourning doves parade... they somehow see right through what's gone;
Speeding seabirds; on crests of surf bless the beach of mother earth; while singing salty sailors notes;
The largest mammalian predator in the world... lives under the sea
There is a deer,..out on the lawn. It's ma-ma out; searching her fawn.
The Ibex... remains largely unknown; with HUGE curvy horns that have grown and have grown. .
Cute and puffy small brown wren; flits and twitters at the glen. . To and fro while chasing ants?...,
El' Toro will charge in a wink. He will stare you down and not blink. .