Poems about Animals

Ease up on the Raid, I thought it was for insects. People using it so sporadically, I see them use it right before sex.
Launched into space in 1969, a loyal dog crash-lands in a small town where pets are no longer welcome.
Huh, roll another one (aha, ha ha)Said I'm never lackin', always pistol packing
  The logical possibility to jump over the moon, make sense when considered its cheese eaten with a spoon.
You were without doubt the best dog I've ever had.Your death has broken my heart and I'm very sad.
The only slam matches we had were in hospital Sectioned under the mental health act
Ethnicity is not a crime. Gathering together for justice isn’t either.
Every spring that gossamer explosion of pink, of downy, almost frothy white.
What a beautiful day it would be  The butterflies roam free  No one to chase thee