Sacrificing Meal

Sacrificing Meal

Sacrificing Mirage,

Pray for Dream to descend:

All Projections will crush,

Hopes “reliable” bent,


And through Guilt of Despair

Fill the Flow of Light,

That to praise and to swear

Will call you, the Knight!..


There by cutting the Bowels

Of Animal – Fear,

You release what on Altar

Successfully bear:


Those Offerings of

Secrets – Enemies dark –

And above let white Dove

Be set free from the Ark!..


Crows meet us on Land,

Ravens look in our Eyes –

Never mind: understand,

They are Priests – their Cries


Follow Prayers, remin-

Ding of Vision in Real –

One that you will call “Mine”,

Sacrificial Meal!..


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