daddy issues

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flashlights in our hands, heads laying on couches, empty plates with no food on it, but you had it easy?   You always went out, everyday you went to a damn resturaunt,
comic book pages and long winded movie reviews anything i could do  to be special to you popcorn and soda characters tees binging till 3am for a moment of your time in the morn
Because you never learned how to love, I had to grow up believing you never loved me.  And maybe you did love me and had a terrible way of showing it.
I looked up to you You were my world  I wanted to make you happy When I found out your weren't I didn't want to be happy I wanted to be sad I tried to feel bad I tried to make you feel glad
When I was five I had a Daddy He was tall and kind And he called me his princess But he was scary when he was mad I told a fib and he grabbed my arm
I wonder if you wonder about me. I wonder if my name gets stuck in your throat or if your hands shake on my birthday.
A poem for the best and most influential mentor in my life, my big brother   David, my dear brother, you are like no other.
My heart started racing when his name popped up on my phone’s screen. I flash back to the many nightmares of him hunting me. I'm caught in a state of fear, attempting to read his mind,
I came from the moon- A crater left in the wake  Of a girl who couldn't stay still The changing faces of my father Trying to find the daughter he carved- Never content because he can't find me
I’m writing to you because I fumble when I speak My words always crumble and I tend to stumble But it’s time now, Face the music full frontal
To the man who calls himself a father   Hello dad… Or Mr. Anonymous if you will I would simply love to know Where have you been
Dear Mr.Donner On Father's day a couple years past I didn't have anymore tears left for you this of course wasn't the case during my younger days
  He is a hollow shell found on empty beaches You try to get a hold of him, and he breaks in pieces His words are venom but his eyes are tears
“This country is great”I am an immigrant.My dad came as a dreamer,my mother a nervous wreck,and I, the unwilling participant.
6 torn cardboard walls hold distant memories- hah, more like serrated puzzle pieces with razor sharp edges, stabbing one another yet fitting perfectly - yet willingly accepting the nerve wrenching pain and sudden discoloration of their o
Black tips on the wings of an angel Dipped in the ashes of her hell The life she lives is less tham holy Because of the things that rule she In light of the lasting maturity That made her grow up prematurely
This is my tomb, a never ending void. A creation of an alternate reality
My father was a monster of a man. Self proclaimed king - built his throne on his children's sorrows, and there were many. It seems like, we were always crying back then -
Scared and hurt, feeling like that vulnerable girl
This isn't a broken heart from a parted lover, not a poem about strangers.This isn't about some little fight, this is me, simply telling you, I'm alright.
  Why does my heart still grow cold, When I think of you? You won't admit your wrong doings, Passing the blame around, Unable to see the truth. Not allowing it to be seen, Lies fill your heart,
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