relationship abuse

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I ache. I cry. I weep like the flowers during a storm when they feel like they’re drowning. I feel like I lost something. A part of me. You stole my purity that I can never get back.
Try and tell me you didn’t have feelings for me  Try and tell me you didn’t know how I felt  Try.    Even though I knew I wasn’t enough, I persisted  Even though I knew it wouldn’t work, I persisted 
where to start where to place the blame where did i stop being a kid maybe it was when my fifth grade teacher told me i couldnt wear shorts skirts because  the boys would look,
A spark of emotion birthed a flaming relationshipText messages and posts proclaim the feelings you have to the worldYour once boring life took a spin, and FLIPThe problems in your life just vanished; unfurled
I messed up this morning. I couldn't sleep last night and I missed my alarm I'm sorry, I was tossing and turning and laying there, so desperately, pitifully awake at 3 AM.
Empowered by the essence of longing, Controlled by the thoughts of searching, Understanding the definitive feelings and reasonings of the soul,
You Are the hope around my neck. The pendant on my chest rests on the Padlock to my blood that Stained all over the dress you stressed to see me-
Because I love you I believe your lies when you tell me I’m your everything   Because I love you I listen to your evil slurs when you drunkenly push me against the wall  
Because I Love You By: Miranda York   Everyone always wants to know why. Why does he hurt me? Why does she leave me? They don't understand like you do.
Everything you say starts with, “Because I love you.” But you don’t. You never did. If this was love, you wouldn’t say everything Is always my fault.
Because I love you, I will open my heart to you. Because I love you, I will not be afraid to let you in and see the darkestcorners in my soul, the parts that even I cower and flee from
How does one describe it? When someone they trusted   violates them? It's too difficult for me to say...what it really is. She took advantage of    the situation   and me, I guess.
It was pure luck I saw her from far away From the darkness of the brush And I prepare my jaws to crush   Her name was Little Red
With beauty and grace, comes with a fist to the face Beauty and Passion both have a certain complexion  that one is almost always familiar with. Slurs on the street become unwanted interrogation.
There were three of you that broke my heart: Uno, Dos, and Tre.
he was so bright God, he was bright he made my skin burn when he touched it he made my heart race,  air so thick I couldn't get a breath like the hottest day of mid-July. yes, he was bright
If you loved him,Those words wouldn't roll off your tongue like a ball down the alley. If you loved him, Yelling at him would burn your throat like you just look 7 shots of liquor. If you loved him,You wouldn't be able to call him names because yo
My mind is not my own.  I gave it away piece by piece -  tied it up in a ribbon with bits of my beating heart  and put it at the feet of a girl whose love was a pair  of spiked cleats.   
Your voice Was like music in my ears Singing sweet symphonies of lies Drowning all of my deepest fears I let you climb inside my body Inhabit my mind Access my innermost secrets
To All Victims.. Keep Walking If you plan on lying to me and then break up with me when I catch you lying instead of owning it and communicate, keep walking.
It’s been
I am here to represent all thos
These ups and downs don't mean a thing
Feeling alone and cast off tears flow Black eyeliner stains my pale face I turn to my best of friends The straight edge razor blade  
Hello Mr. Keeper Today I lost my soul Have you seen it? I looked everywhere I searched heaven I searched hell But my soul is nowhere to be seen I think I might die
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