Big Bad Wolf

It was pure luck

I saw her from far away

From the darkness of the brush

And I prepare my jaws to crush


Her name was Little Red

And she smelled of cookies.

From head to toe, she was so sweet

That’s why I loved to watch her bleed


As innocent as a task

To bring goodies to Grandma

Should not hold such perilous dangers

Like some big furry stranger


To make the hunt more lovely,

I gave a friendly face

I entrapped her with my wit,

My rugged good looks and my lips


Red kissed so softly

And I thought for just a moment

To leave her be and let her go

To walk away as pure as snow


But still, she enticed me

And I decided once and for all

All sharp teeth and spite, I smiled at Little Red

And watched with in delight as her stomach turned to lead.



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