So This Is Love...

A spark of emotion birthed a flaming relationship
Text messages and posts proclaim the feelings you have to the world
Your once boring life took a spin, and FLIP
The problems in your life just vanished; unfurled
"baby I love you, you're everything to me"
Butterflies in your stomach, feels like it's meant to be
He holds open the door, I guess chivalry isn't dead
He fits the mold, a "perfect man" to the T
Take my hand, follow me, our adventure awaits
Together from Sophomore year and until we graduate
Never says a mean word, not even a shred
of hatred in his heart, he trusts you and you know
That the feelings you both have will only grow.
But wait.. he's looking through my phone now...
"Who's Jonathan? Why'd you text him?"
He's a friend, he explained to me something I didn't know how...
"You can't talk to him, don't you know what they'll say?
That you're a slut and a whore and you'll ruin my day"
That was weird.. but ok. I guess it's out of love
He's just being protective, well... that's the only thing I can think of.
Whats he doing now? Oh.. he's on my SnapChat
"So you're snapping other guys now? I'm not ok with that"
Babe they're only my friends, you're my man you know I put nothing above...
"No. delete them right now. Just try to understand. You're making me look like I have on a dunce hat"
Ok. He's right. I'm being stupid. It's not mean, it's just out of love
"Where were you today? You get out of class at 6 and not it's 8"
I went out for a bite with my friends, that's why I'm late
"Which friends? Jonathan? You're a whore just stop, you went on a date"
"Don't talk to them anymore, I just want you to myself. I'll even walk you to class... no one else"
"I'm sorry I yelled at you, I just love you so much... and I didn't push you it was only a touch"
"Keep your phone location on so I know where you are, I can see if you're at home or out at the bar"
But the touch turned to a push and a push into a shove
And your phone flew across the room in a little debate
Every night you come home and he begins to berate
He tells you that it's your stupidity he's really tired of
​But don't take it too serious... it's just out of love.


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