Razor Lust


Feeling alone and cast off tears flow

Black eyeliner stains my pale face

I turn to my best of friends

The straight edge razor blade


Losing the battle to stop self injury

Strawberry colored gashes appear up my limbs

As small, satisfied grin forms across my lips

I’m sick, an addict, a victim of society


I pretend your words didn’t hurt

Cutting you out of my life was the worst torment

With every passing day I miss you more and more

You go on without knowing anything I feel for you


Finally I can claim to be winning the battle

No slip ups or lacerations in months

I don’t think of you anymore in waking hours

Only positive ways you have changed me


Nightmares still haunt my subconscious

Waking up I want to scream and cry

Will my past eventually dissipate from memory?

Amazing days like this make me believe they will


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