Thu, 10/12/2017 - 19:43 -- zogym1

Because I love you

I believe your lies

when you tell me

I’m your everything


Because I love you

I listen to your evil slurs

when you drunkenly

push me against the wall


Because I love you

I give in to your abuse

when you raise your fist

and drive it through me


Because I love you

I suddenly realize

with tears in my eyes

that this isn’t love


Because I can’t love you

I pick myself up

and walk away

to search for real love


With a shattered heart

and tear stained cheeks

I stumbled into

what I was looking for


True love


Because I am loved

my heart is set aflame

when his smile

lights up the room


Because I am loved

his talks to me

works things out verbally

all while holding my hand


Because I am loved

I no longer flinch

when he nears

instead, I melt into his touch


Because I am loved

I stay


no matter how hard it gets

I know this is real love


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