To All Victims.. Keep Walking

Mon, 10/12/2015 - 04:51 -- GBaby

To All Victims.. Keep Walking

If you plan on lying to me and then break up with me when I catch you lying instead of owning it and communicate, keep walking.

If you plan on manipulating me into spending money on you I don't have, keep walking.

If you plan on hiding me from all your family and friends because you're afraid they will disown you because of the lies you told them about me (then you won't be able to manipulate them and get things out of them you need), keep walking.

If you blame me or everyone else for everything that goes wrong in your life, keep walking.

If you get so angry you break your phone, glasses, watches and windshield and then blame me, keep walking.

If you get so angry and punch your own face, giving yourself black eyes and then get mad because I didn't stop you, keep walking.

If you get so angry that your family might find out about us that you choke me until I can't breathe and then drive me around the city till I promise not to tell, keep walking.

If you get so angry that I might turn you for all the physical abuse and threaten that you will shoot yourself in front of your kids (with the gun I bought you) if I tell and then you change your number to make everyone think you're the victim, keep walking.

If you send your dad outside to ask me to leave (when you bang my door down till I answer it and then force yourself inside) because you can't own up to your mistakes and face what you have done, keep walking.

If you are going to tell yourself you don't need help I wouldn't be surprised because you lie to everyone else, why wouldn't you lie to yourself, keep walking.

If you wonder why I don't have your back, support you through everything, keep all your secrets, and you feel I betrayed you. Read the above and then, keep walking.

If you are a liar, manipulator, deceitful, selfish, narcissistic sociopath, and want me to feel guilty for our relationship failing, keep walking.

I still can love, laugh and trust

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