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I will not write you an apology or a eulogy or even a love poem I will not write you a thank you note or a permission slip or ever an obituary. I will apologize when I am sorry And I am not sorry
Loving you was everything I thought it would be And so much more than I could have imagined Loving you was canceling plans to spend time with you
Do not fear the setting of the sun Do not fear when darkness comes Do not fear the howling wind For with each night, a day begins   You can shiver in your skin O’ museum of bones
Today I am tears of joy Triumphs on a mountaintop Autumn leave and funny T-shirts Today I am shaking knees Giggles for no reason I am songs hummed to no one The squeak of new shoes
I've never been a man to stand tall... I've never been the man to call... The voices; I'll kill them all... Waiting for the sky to fall...   There was something about that day,
Your armor of light, Is no match for my darkness. No matter how hard you fight, You cannot save my soul's rotting carcass. Wondering if I'm right, I stare up to the moon; Wishing to end this life,
I want to write tales of bravery.  Of powerful women who stood up against injustice and for kind-hearted men who chose right over what’s left But these were not my stories
I don’t want to die today Not today Today I woke up on time  to make it to class Today I baked a cake Licked the icing off my finger tips
The air is cold, but not cold enough for snow Not yet My heart is broken, but not broken enough for tears Not yet You thought you defeated me, but I’m not defeated enough to let you win Not yet
They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Yet grass continues to grow every time it is cut. The sun continues to rise every time the moon has pulled it away.
I was young. We were young, Yet we planned our whole future for when we were adults. We were going into 6th grade, middle school.
You think you are out there all alone, you are not meant to be alone. Your heart is not made of stone, but your will is that of stone. The voices inside on and on they drone, but you are alive and not a drone.
50 Shades of not just Grey    By: Vivian Ngo There’s only 6 colorson the spectrum.Red, Orange, Yellow,Green, Blue, and Purple.That’s how I was taught.
Please don't come back for my dead body in the Woods. At least there my corpse would be the king of the Flies And my soulless body won't only be home to Depression and Anxiety and
I saw a chifferobe One made of pale hickory That shimmered with clean Said to be magical And smelled of caffeine Forsaken among the young And murmurs with the old It guides one's tongue
Putting her on a pedestal makes you a fool. Lust only lasts for so long, so take time for yourself so you don't get stuck in the wrong. Return to your interests instead of what controls you.
 As tall as the clouds to you, yet are small as a pencil to the world.  Smooth to the thought, yet rough to the touch. As Strong as a mountain to man, yet as weak as flower to nature. Shelters, yet destories.
Here's to the empty human bodies who are numb to the feeling of their soul To the empty-headed, who I 
I find myself insecure when I look at myself without any editing. I'll feel as if I am discrediting... I compare myself to other girls, I believe that I am not beautiful to the whole-wide world.
i hate my scars. they are not lovely, they are not bravery.  they dictate my life. they tell me what i can wear, where to go who i can trust, who i can love...
Type. Just type. My fingers dangle above the keyboard, Splashing each word, verb, sentence- That comes to mind.  The words are like snow to me: Soft, Delicate, And pure. 
Latching on to things that stick. Holding tight, but losing grip. Adhesive wears and tape grows dry, But time extends in Elmer's eyes.
This heart is at peace, finally. It has been one hell of a journey.
it doesn't matter too soon I will be what I'm meant to be
I found your pictures on my closet floor The only way of knowing you were here before And I no longer get waves of tears anymore
I am not a poet.
Tell me about how the end of the world Tell me about how much we have been fighting for. Should I hold on to the ideas of how I wanted to save this world by myself?
judging people is never the key so why do people do it? well ill tell you, they do it because they have problems at home or something is wrong with them they want to be
  Tired of winters And swollen rivers Chests heaving People leaving                 Want to sleep Maybe for weeks             Need to sleep Maybe for weeks
Consistant abominations test my patience from that sticky gum under a desk
Is it truly fun? To see them writhe in pain Your an awfully sick bastard What have you to gain? If i hurt you as you did to them Would you still be smiling And decide that it's okay
Can you see from my clothes,    all the things I know.   Adorned from head to toe in mediocrity.   I use to feel the need to exceed normality.   
I wonder what it is... Your smile Your humor  or the fact your always there. I don't believe in love. But I believe in you.
you always fall asleep before me 
I do not have nine lives My wounds take time to heal They hurt and I have no pain medicine When I am abused, how do you think I feel?   I do not shed human tears But I do make noise from the pain
She won't shut up He won't stop talking Their f*cking annoying Hello? Teacher? Are you even watching? Tell them to stop talking, Make them be quiet You have the  power here, use your damn noggin!
All my life I've been waiting For someone to come along. All my life I've wanted For someone to prove me wrong.   Someone to love me forever, Someone to dry my tears. Someone to call my own,
A Three Letter Word   No one likes to talk about it yet every human being goes through it.A three letter word that sucks all your hope, making you bitter & controlled.Some begin striving for the pot of gold which slowly fades to copper while t
Once upon a time there was love// The clouds would part right for the stars// The sun would set for the moon above// And we made the sky ours// The creatures would creep in a moonlight serenade//  Creating the mood for romance// Until he cut my he
Good times and bad times, all sand in a fist People you love soon be gone like a mist Your wings will be broken, then mended to fly Count every smile, not tear that you cry
Imagine if the judgment was switched. Imagine if being hetero was frowned upon. Picture the bullying you would get every day, Since being “straight” tempted you to pull the trigger on the gun. “All you’re good for is breeding,” they would say.
Like an object at rest I remained Although a force was acting upon me There was no reaction of mine To the change that had happened What a strange phenomenum of science I was I didn't react when I should have
Black, White, Asian Indian, Native, Mexican all given titles by who, not our creator but by his creations In a Nation obsessed with political correctness His creations; Are Not Very
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