I Will Finally Have a Place to Call Home

This heart is at peace, finally.

It has been one hell of a journey.

I find myself finding comfort in your arms.

Pushing away my uncertainty,

revealing my vulnerabilities.

Through you I found the true meaning of being blessed.

Although, people will be quick to call us unholy.

There is nothing unholy about beating hearts as loud as church bells

and soft hands, lingering with care.

Their stares are nothing but motives for our laughter,

fuel for our pride,

fuel to hold each others hand’s a little tighter.

This mind and body is at peace.

It’s a little bit scary how one moment, one person can change your entire perception of  life in all its complexity.

How happiness can slap you in the face one day

And everyday you walk around with a goofy looking grin upon your face. 

I don’t expect everything to be perfect for eternity.

But now is good enough for me.

Remember to savor every moment.

Remember to cherish these days.

Hold on to these days with tight grips

and when everything starts to fall apart, just remember.

When skin touches skin.

When your fingers trail the landscape of my body.

I feel as nurtured as a mother nurturing her newborn baby.

So much well thought-out care, shared between us.

Like, we’ve been harboring so much love in our hearts for way too long.

And I’m not betting on forever,

or wishing for eternity.

 I’m taking these days as they come.

and this heart will beat like church bells.

Each ring for every person who tries to write us out their books

to deem our feelings for each-other anything less than holy scripture.

For every person who looks at us like we’re dirty.

How can you see dirt in so much purity?

The first day we became reality

not just fragments of virtual words, and projected images.

it was almost cinematic.

Rustling trees, was the sound track of that day

in all its perfection.

Sun peaking through the leaves.

The brown hues of your hair reflecting the sun like it always does.

and I was in awe.

with so much longing inside of me.

and now here we are.

in all our bareness

learning every part of each other,

our pages open and exposed.

And god, she’s beautiful in the sunlight.

I will take these days as they come.

With a heart full of hope.

And a fist full of love,

hoping that one day, I will wake up to her next to me

and I will finally have a place to call home.



Stormie Shadle

I love this. You write in such a way that you hide and show what you are talking about at the same time. You never come right out and say what it is you are considering yourself, yet you are showing what you are too. I am glad I read this. You have talent. Its great that you are happy and maybe you can have a place to call home. Very well done. I could read this poem forever. I hope I interpreted your poem right. I apologize in advance if I didnt interpret it correctly.


Thank-you. I'm not sure if your are gay or just straight against hate, but that doesn't matter. This poem is beautiful and captures years of emotions I have experienced in a few moments. This is pulchritudinous. 


You probably won't understand why I'm saying this but , Thank you for writing this poem . Just you have my sincerest graditude. 

Juliette Aurora

This is great! This poem has a lot of meaning! :) I loved it all:)


My favorite lines

"learning every part of each other,

   our pages open and exposed.

       And god, she’s beautiful in the sunlight."


Beautifully written. Ingeniously thought out. Thank you


I love your poem it brought tears to my eyes, tears of understanding and love


I love your poem it brought tears to my eyes, tears of understanding and love


Great poem! I really loved it!

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