Not A Decision


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Imagine if the judgment was switched. Imagine if being hetero was frowned upon. Picture the bullying you would get every day, Since being “straight” tempted you to pull the trigger on the gun. “All you’re good for is breeding,” they would say. And since you weren’t “normal” you would be rejected. They would look at you in repulse and disgust, And push you away like you were infected. That is no way to treat a human being, Based on who someone can love. So why do so many people stray away gays Like they are some kind of alien from above? Rainbows running around everywhere Not caring that it’s again the most popular religion. Hoping that one day people can understand That it wasn’t their decision.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

bullying is an issue that is widesoread

your poem is good

as a community, bullying needs to be address because it imapcts lives

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