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We occasionally fall in love with the right person With the perfect, the immaculate or the wrong one We’re naturally numb When we fall in love
Where the sky kisses the sea Is where delectable romances are served for the coffee of eyes, tea of hearts, and honey of skin there I found an offspring of the Universe
The verb "hate" can never beMy darling, in my vocabularyI can only love you night and dayI can only think of you all day longI can only dream of you and I longFor your presence at midday
You said my eyes are beautiful. They’re only that way because…   They see your beauty that’s hidden deep within, The angelic smile upon your face And the ray of sunshine you bring into my life.  
ELECTRONIC SENSATION Somewhat astonishing, sort beauty, pride of humanity. Fresh and fly. Electronic sensation, 'gaped' That posture, exclusive structure.
That was the first time I didn't want to runThe first time I wanted to live it through,But I was caught up in my wishes and went blindThat I could no longer see the truth.
I adore all the scars that you've showed me,I respect all concerns that you have,But my heart is full of longingFor the things that we'll never have.
I found my way home in your eyes, Those eyelashes sheltered me in disguise. Just like my mother, taking care of me in her lap, All of my wounds healed, after a peaceful nap.
There's fear. Apprehension. Paranoia, If you will. We hide. We hoard. We gossip to our fill. I'd rather just be free. To laugh, run, and embrace. I'd rather take that risk,
The heart, that craves the taste of being intoxicated but by love, The poison, is it the cure or the end? The taste of insanity it remembers so vividly, my flesh, my strings my bones, my veins
The effect of your affection is wearing out You shouldn't have waited so long Kept him wondering if to you he belongs Only for the agony to prolong The place has turned vacant, yet
With life comes hope, the greatest feeling man can find. a certain pain that we have to cope, makes us wish we had been rendered blind.
In daylight around my peers My stature and character becomes sharp as if it were a spear. But everyday has a night This is where my anxiety begins creating this dirty little sprite.
Thinking about the good days I use to have the bad days I have Are some what sad but I can't let It get to me the world has so Many possibilities and I want to Explore them with my love ones
lost my belief near river streams waters were splattering my elbows by stratosphere beaming grin I said some things left your eyebrows in Jupiter promise you'll send doves to me
I await the day you brush against meAccidental, like every other touch from youYou're bound to become comfortableWith me, with yourselfWith the desire of affectionGiving and receiving becomes a craving
The first time you asked for a hug I flinched. It was because of you. But it was not. It was all about me. My head was playing a horror movie.
Thank you. Thank you for every second, every day, every year. Thank you for holding me While I cry, And smiling at me While I laugh. Thank you for your time, your trust, your affection,
I've outgrown my church shoes And all my pencils are dull   The world stops spinning when we are alone. Away from work, away from home.  
A life with you is a life worth livingEven at your worstyou still made me feel betterEvery moment with youis a moment worth reliving,For better or worseYou are the only love of my life.   
You’re different from anyone I have ever met, After all that I have done and the mistakes I’ve made, you’ve never left, You’re beyond special to me, partly because we were best friends first,
honey-swirled eyes, tightly coiled raven curls and chubby, rosey cheeks. the biggest, yet smallest, details. i notice them. curled fingers and frustration,
Only a few people in this world have I chosen to expose myself to. Yet we met, and I unfurled, and with you, my heart flew.   Everyday with you fuels me to go on and live, because of you.
He probes, what are we?I utter, what are we supposed to be?There was still dubietyAmidst them and their duty He bestows a philosophyWe aren’t yet,The kind of allianceThat we should be
Nicotine flows in my blood, aching for more, gasping for air, I cannot catch my breath. It’s like it is boiling inside of me
She misses him.  
Falling leaves swirl by Squirrels peek through the pane My companion's eyes caress me Our serenade is rain Fingers dance along my spine Lips across my face
Isn't it funny how The ones that have Affection for you Try to or Say they enjoy  The same things as you -  Storms or Pie or Rock 'n' Roll -  And then say They always liked
there is no greater feeling than to have you in my life my shining star my thoughtful moon you are the reason why i am 16 you are the reason why i have survived you are the reason i wake up each day
You Gave Me Affection In the year 2012, I came to know Your name. Your love, Your salvation and inner flame. You gave me hope And friends who showed me kindness.
the moon circles the earth and the earth circles the sun but all the while it seems i am only in orbit with you
I find myself telling all my business on the internet but only if you can't hear me. I can't know if you've seen this and I hope like hell you won't realize who it's about.
Thinking of you Makes me black and blue When I know you're not thinking of me But you're white and gold A prize far too old For a well trained right eye not to see And so you go looking
The core of my affection  something he will never see.  I shoved it down beneath  and I never let it free.  He must think he is hated  Because I never acknowledged him.  But when he is around 
There is no end to the madness. Yet there is no definite beginning. Some say it’s all feel. Others say it’s all preparation. Creativity is it’s bloodline. Imagination lies at it’s core.
I wonder when it will be easier to place the letters together. To form the letters into words, and the words into sentences,
Here I am
They said love hurts, but I didn’t think it would feel like this. A beautiful kind of hurt. That’s what I pictured.
I am lovestruck
I’m not sure what I am feeling.
I may not be able to play you a song on the piano or draw you a portrait;  but I will tell you everything I love about you.   From your sun-kissed cheeks, to the way your fingers wrap around your sleeves.
I could write a poem for you
Love can be cruel, love can be patient , love watches you sleep after your favourite show has ended.
You are my sanctuaryYou are my love
Truly enchanting rhythms chasing my heart
So far and away, Unable to touch you, Unable to feel you, But in an instant, I Can See You. I close my eyes and there you are, Standing there, looking back. Your eyes, a sea of blue, fixed on me,
She said she wanted love and affection I searched into my heart for a lesson tried to teach that how she dresses She invite nothing but men with erections   But still she wanted love and affection
Here I am, a broken man. Shattered in a million pieces, Like a vase dropped on the floor, Almost impossible to piece together again. And Yet... Here You Are, With Me. Grasping my hand while sharing my pain,
When i see you, you take my breath away
Our love was perfect tonight. It sparkled, danced radiantly, so right. The eyes that saw our treasured bond knew we were sincere and fond. You took my hand and didn't let go,
How is it possible for me to miss you like this?All I want is your embrace and one more kiss.Then another and another and I won't let you leave.Every second you're away is every second I grieve.I must confess, I'm obsessedBut when you're with me I
I can't show you my pain  because it would scare you.  The darkness would consume you.  I would be alone once again. Tell me why do you love me.  When I told you not to.  I made you promise not to. 
The wandering wind, a playful dog,/ Floats into the city, desperate for love./ Nudging people playfully, puffing, blowing lovingly,/ Would be satisfied with the slightest smile,/ But not even that is given./ They zip up their jackets and go on the
in this endless confusion of wonder oh i wonder, i do wonder where your heart beats where this love meets how can i believe that we were meant to be if you aren't even here with me? left to wait
My only concern Is that you won't catch me catching a glimpse of you Never could gather up the courage to Admire you publicly
i'm here for you, let me be here for you, tell me all your fears so i can be scared for you let me in your heart so i can learn to care for you.
God give me a second chance I’ve been dealt a hand that no man can understand Falling in between the lines Of is this truth or are there lies I can’t help it The hand I’ve dealt with
For you, I would capture the sunrise Contain it in a jar and close the lid Forever glowing in our reach To open to the world again When were ready to awake For you, I would cross the deep oceans
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